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Can’t you wait to play the NBA 18 edition game? We can tell you that you don’t have to wait that long before you can enjoy playing the game. In this blog we tell you all about the official release date, the free demo you can play before the official release date and all the other news facts about the release of NBA 18. We are always curious about the new release of the new edition of the NBA game. About the new improvements and the top players list.

What is the date NBA 18 gets released?

Luckily we do not have to wait that long before the new NBA 18 game is here to play. In about less than 20 days we will be able to play our favorite game again. And to be honest, we can’t wait! Luckily you can play the game earlier, on August, 11, 2017 there is a free demo available. So on August, 11, 2017 you can get a taste of the NBA live 18 edition. Usually the official release starts a few days after a free demo. The NBA 2k18 is the go-to game for many players. The release date of NBA 2k18 is on September the 19th.

The official release date of NBA 2k18 is September, 19, 2017. The official release date of NBA live is unknown. Do you have an XBOX One or PS4 and do you want to try the new NBA game? EA will give you the opportunity to play a free NBA live 18 demo on August, 11, 2017. Unfortunately we don’t know when the official release of NBA 18 live is planned. We expect EA announces the editions and prices of NBA 18 live before the free demo starts.

The newest information about NBA 18

Are you already curious? Do you want to know what great improvements NBA 18 will bring? On the official EA site they say NBA 18 is all about player control. We have made a list with all the great improvements you can find.

Gameplay innovation NBA 18
– one-on-one mechanic
– dribble system
– real player movement
– in the post
– on-court awareness
– physics-based transitions

Ways to play
– the one
– Franchise
– Ultimate team

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